Old Lottery Sambad Result

Checking old lottery sambad results for predicting Nagaland Lottery Sambad outcomes can be a matter of great debate. However, the professionals and regular winners know the importance of this subject. While some may argue that Lottery Sambad is completely random, others still differ that there is some connection between the old results and the upcoming results. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to. If you wish, you can check out the old Lottery Sambad result here. We have clearly mentioned the months and conducting times of these lotari song bad results.

Old Lottery Sambad Result
Old Lottery Sambad Result

Old Lottery Sambad Results

Sometimes, checking old lottery sambad result becomes important when you have an important lottery draw to play, or you have made a challenge with your friends. While there is scientific evidence behind checking the old lottery results, sometimes, the outcomes can prove to be helpful. If you have a keen interest, make sure to check out all the old lottery sambad results available.

Old Lottery Sambad Result

January 2024 Results

Lottery Sambad Result 19-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 18-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 17-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 16-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 15-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 14-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 13-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 12-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 11-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 10-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 9-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 8-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 7-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 6-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 5-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 4-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 3-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 2-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 1-1-2024

December 2023 Results

Lottery Sambad Result 31-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 30-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 29-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 28-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 27-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 26-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 25-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 24-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 23-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 22-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 21-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 20-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 19-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 18-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 17-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 16-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 15-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 14-12-2023

Old Dear Lottery Result

January 2024 Results

Dear Lottery Result 19-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 18-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 17-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 16-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 15-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 14-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 13-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 12-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 11-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 10-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 9-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 8-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 7-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 6-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 5-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 4-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 3-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 2-1-2024
Dear Lottery Result 1-1-2024

December 2023 Results

Dear Lottery Result 31-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 30-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 29-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 28-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 27-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 26-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 25-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 24-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 23-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 22-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 21-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 20-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 19-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 18-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 17-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 16-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 15-12-2023
Dear Lottery Result 14-12-2023


Old Dhankesari Results

January 2024 Results

Dhankesari Result 19-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 18-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 17-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 16-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 15-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 14-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 13-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 12-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 11-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 10-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 9-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 8-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 7-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 6-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 5-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 4-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 3-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 2-1-2024
Dhankesari Result 1-1-2024

December 2023 Results

Dhankesari Result 31-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 30-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 29-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 28-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 27-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 26-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 25-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 24-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 23-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 22-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 21-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 20-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 19-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 18-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 17-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 16-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 15-12-2023
Dhankesari Result 14-12-2023

Check Old Lottery Sambad Result

If you want to check the latest as well as old lottery sambad result, Lottery Sambad Fax, our website, should be your top destination. We have internal sources that are working all around Nagaland Lottery Industry and that’s why we receive the fastest and most accurate results on time. At the same time, we also store the oldest and past lottery sambad result of all time. To be true, from the day this website went live, we have saved the Lottery Sambad results. Whether it is morning lottery, afternoon lottery, evening lottery, or night lottery, we are always online and ready to update you with the latest Dear Lottery result.

How to Check Old Lottery Sambad Result?

Now that you have the tickets with a unique serial number, you will have to come to our website, i.e., Lottery Sambad Fax, and then tap on the relative time your lottery draw is for. As of now, Lottery Draws are conducted from 1 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM. You can check the top-right corner of your ticket for the accurate timing.

Tap on the correct time from the top, and you will taken to the results page. If you see a coming soon logo, the result is probably not out yet. In that case, you will have to wait for some time and refresh the page. If the results are out, you are free to check it out.

How to Claim Old Lottery Sambad Prize Amount?

Claiming lottery sambad prize amount is easy if your winnings are less. Suppose your ticket number is shown in the result, you have to see the rewards table. If you have won either 4th or 5th prize, here are the steps:

  1. Visit your lottery vendor.
  2. Put your sign on the back of the ticket along with the date.
  3. Now, give the ticket to your vendor, and he will give you the prize money.

However, if you have won either 3rd or 2nd prize, you will have to visit the stockist. You won’t be able to do this alone. So, here are the steps:

  1. Visit your lottery vendor.
  2. Put your sign on the back of the ticket along with the date.
  3. Your lottery vendor will take you to the stockist.
  4. Sign a form there, and you will receive the money.
  5. If the total amount is greater than Rs. 10,000, there will be a tax deduction of 30%. The tax deduction can range depending on your state and legislation.

Interestingly, if you win the first prize, the process will be different altogether. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Nagaland State Lottery Claim form.
  2. Make a photocopy of your Lottery Ticket and Aadhar Card, and sign on both the photocopies.
  3. Take the filled-up Claim Form and photocopies to the lottery Sambad regional office.
  4. Submit it.

The process might feel long, but it is relatively short. You will receive the money in a matter of 30-40 minutes. However, the money will not be in cash because the amount is big. Instead, you will receive a cheque from the Nagaland Government. When you deposit this cheque in your bank for clearance, there will be a straight TDS deduction of 30% because the amount is very big, and the rest of the amount will be deposited into your account.

Old Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Schedule

The Nagaland State Lottery operates via the Dear Lottery network in the country. Interestingly, Dear Lottery has a system that makes it unique. Every day, three lottery draws are held with different names. The morning or afternoon draws are named after Rivers. The evening lottery draws or 6 PM draws are named after natural items like Mountain, Sea, or River. Lastly, the night lottery draw, is named after birds like Hawk, Pelican, and Goose. Here is a table-wise data of lottery sambad draws for your easy understanding:

Old Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM Names and Schedule

Day Time Name
Monday 1 PM Dear Dwarka
Tuesday 1 PM Dear Godavari
Wednesday 1 PM Dear Indus
Thursday 1 PM Dear Mahanadi
Friday 1 PM Dear Meghna
Saturday 1 PM Dear Narmada
Sunday 1 PM Dear Yamuna

Old Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM Names and Schedule

Day Time Name
Monday 6 PM Dear Desert
Tuesday 6 PM Dear Wave
Wednesday 6 PM Dear Hill
Thursday 6 PM Dear Lake
Friday 6 PM Dear Mountain
Saturday 6 PM Dear River
Sunday 6 PM Dear Sea

Old Lottery Sambad Result 8 PM Names and Schedule

Day Time Name
Monday 8 PM Dear Finch
Tuesday 8 PM Dear Goose
Wednesday 8 PM Dear Pelican
Thursday 8 PM Dear Sandpiper
Friday 8 PM Dear Seagull
Saturday 8 PM Dear Stork
Sunday 8 PM Dear Toucan

West Bengal Old Lottery Sambad

Nagaland State Lottery is the caretaker of Dear Lottery. However, Dear Lottery is another company. Now, in order to operate Dear Lottery throughout the states in India, they have an agreement. West Bengal lottery sambad is the agreement with Dear Lottery to run the lottery system in West Bengal. That means, in West Bengal, Lottery Sambad is completely legal, and even if you play, you don’t need to fear anything or anyone.

Lottery Sambad Prize Amount Distribution

Rank No. of Prizes Winning Prize Commission
1 1 Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5 Lakhs
Consolation 699 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1000
2 10 Rs. 9,000 Rs. 1000
3 10 Rs. 2000 Rs. 500
4 10 Rs. 1000 Rs. 50
5 10 Rs. 300 Rs. 20
6 100 Rs. 130 Rs. 10

When a player wins a certain amount, a specific commission is also declared for the lottery seller or vendor. This is known as the Seller Commission. The Seller Commission varies depending on the amount of prizes won from his sold tickets. However, the unsold ones don’t get any prizes. Also, when all the numbers are the same except the Serial Number, like 96K or the first 2 numbers, then the player is offered a consolation prize so that he or she does not get sad.

Important Note

We, Lottery Sambad Fax, don’t endorse or promote lottery. We also don’t encourage or support playing and buying lottery tickets. Lottery Sambad Fax is simply a lottery result association website. We upload timely results for players and nothing else. Anyone having any doubts regarding our services can contact us using our contact page. Please read our Disclaimer for more clarity. Lottery Sambad Fax takes no responsibility for winning or losing the Nagaland State Lottery. The Lottery is held and conducted by the Nagaland Government, and we have no connections with them.

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