Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 23-12-2023

If you have the tickets of Lottery Sambad, we have the Lottery Sambad result of 6 PM. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Dear River is an extremely popular evening lottery which is played across the nation. As you might already know, the evening Dear Lottery names are kept after natural entities. The river is one such entity which is which flows through every part of the world. Now, keeping those things aside, here is the Nagaland State Lottery sambad result.

Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 23-12-2023

Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 23-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 23-12-2023 (Dear River)


Well, that’s the result of Nagaland State Lottery Sambad. If you have won anything, congratulations to you. However, if you didn’t, don’t be worried. You can easily win next time. In this game, consistency, patience, and luck are the key. However, don’t get carried away. Please play responsibly and safely. We will meet you again for Lottery Sambad result 8 PM 23-12-2023.

Dear River Saturday Weekly Lottery Prize Amount

Rank No. of Prizes Winning Prize Commission
1 1 Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5 Lakhs
Consolation 699 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 500
2 10 Rs. 9,000 Rs. 500
3 10 Rs. 450 Rs. 50
4 10 Rs. 250 Rs. 20
5 100 Rs. 120 Rs. 10

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