Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 10-1-2024

The Lottery Sambad Result of 6 PM on 10-1-2024 is available for the Dear Hill Wednesday evening lottery. If you have purchased the tickets, you would be happy to know that the result is released on time by the government of Nagaland. Now, if you have the ticket, you will need to check the result to know whether you won something today or not. So, without taking any more time, here is the Lottery Sambad result of 6 PM for 10 January 2024.

Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 10-1-2024

Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 10-1-2024
Lottery Sambad Result 6 PM 10-1-2024 (Dear Hill)


1:00 PM 10-1-2024

8:00 PM 10-1-2024

Well, that’s all we have here about the Lottery Sambad result Dear Hill of 6 PM for 10-1-2024 Wednesday. We hope that you won something today. If you made it big today, a round of applause for you. It is better that you pat your back for the victory you have accomplished in this competition. However, if you didn’t get anything, don’t be sad. You can play and try again any other day you want. We will meet you with the Lottery Sambad result 8 PM 10-12-2024. Until then, stay safe and play responsibly.

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