Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM 22-12-2023

The Lottery Sambad for 1 PM on 22 December 2023 will be held for Dear Meghna. Now, if you have the tickets for the Dear Meghna Friday weekly lottery, you must be excited to check the result. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. A lot of people search for Lottery Fax or Lottery Sambad result but are unable to get that at the most demanding and right time. However, with us, that is completely different. We will show you the most accurate and fastest result at the right time. Here is the Lottery Sambad result for 1 PM for 22-12-2023.

Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM 22-12-2023

Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM 22-12-2023
Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM 22-12-2023 (Dear Meghna)


Well, that’s the result of Lottery Sambad 1 PM for 22-12-2023. We hope that you won something. Even if you didn’t, don’t worry, you can try again some other day. Maybe today wasn’t your day. If you can figure it out, you can play on your lucky day as well. With that being said, that’s all we have here about the Nagaland State Lottery result of 1 PM 22-12-2023. We will meet you again for the Lottery Sambad result 6 PM 22-12-2023.

Dear Meghna Friday Weekly Lottery Prize Amount

Rank No. of Prizes Winning Prize Commission
1 1 Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5 Lakhs
Consolation 699 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 500
2 10 Rs. 9,000 Rs. 500
3 10 Rs. 450 Rs. 50
4 10 Rs. 250 Rs. 20
5 100 Rs. 120 Rs. 10

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