Dhankesari 8 PM Today Result

The Dhankesari of 8 PM today result is an extremely popular lottery event held and conducted from the hilly state of Nagaland. The draw is played across West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and many other neighbouring states. The Dhankesari is also known as Dhan Kesari or Dhankesari lottery sambad. The 8 baje ka Dhankesari lottery is ultra popular because a lot of people are always excited to play it. A lot of people, perhaps millions of people, play this exciting game in the hope of changing their lives. The 8 Baje ka Dhankesari is extremely popular across India. Check live Dhankesari result of today 8 PM.

Dhankesari 8 PM Today Result Live

Dhankesari 8 PM Today Result

Here is the Dhankesari 8 PM result of today. Whichever day you speak, the result is updated and the latest is today at 8 PM. If you wish to check other results, we recommend checking out our old results, for which the link is given below.

Dhankesari 8 PM Today Result
Dhankesari 8 PM Today Result





Dhankesari 8 PM Today Rewards

If you are new to 8 PM Dhankesari today, you might be thinking how much you can win if you get a chance today with Dhankesari Lottery Sambad. Here are the amounts you can expect to receive.

Rank No. of Prizes Winning Prize
1 1 Rs. 1 Crore
Consolation 699 Rs. 1,000
2 10 Rs. 9,000
3 10 Rs. 2000
4 10 Rs. 1000
5 10 Rs. 300
6 100 Rs. 130

Well, now you know how much you can win with Dhankesari 8 PM today. So, always try and keep winning. However, don’t let this thing get on your head. When playing, always game responsibly as it can affect your financial well-being. If you are further interested, the next section will discuss about the schedule of Dhankesari.

Dhankesari 8 PM Everyday Schedule

The Dhankesari lottery sambad is extremely popular and played by all individuals, whether old or young. If you are also playing this, you are doing a good job. However, you should always do it responsibly. Because the 8 PM Dhankesari is extremely popular, it is held across the week by different names. Here are the names of other lotteries held across the week:

Day Time Name
Monday 8 PM Dear Finch
Tuesday 8 PM Dear Goose
Wednesday 8 PM Dear Pelican
Thursday 8 PM Dear Sandpiper
Friday 8 PM Dear Seagull
Saturday 8 PM Dear Stork
Sunday 8 PM Dear Toucan

Well, that’s all we have here with the Dhankesari 8 PM Today result. We already discussed the Dhankesari 8 PM schedule and the rewards you can win by playing. That’s all we have here. Always play responsibly and safely while keeping a tab on your finances.

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