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We are Lottery Sambad Fax, your best source for Nagaland State Lottery Sambad results. If you have purchased the tickets from Nagaland Lottery, you will definitely need to check the results. Now, for that, you will have to search various places. Instead, you can simply come to our website and check the definitive result by tapping on the time of lottery you wish to check. This makes everything easier and quick for you.

However, keep in mind that we are not representatives of Lottery Sambad or anything like that. We are Lottery Sambad Fax printing press situated and operating from Kolkata, West Bengal. We have a few official sources in the Government Lottery Department who keep us well informed and pretty quick in order to get the Lottery Sambad results as quickly as possible. If you have the ticket, we have the result. Let’s win together.

Quick Tip: Lottery is addictive, and playing the lottery might be illegal in some states. Please verify the legality of the lottery before playing. We neither promote the Lottery nor sell it. It is up to your sole discretion to do anything in your jurisdiction.